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Home page links

On the home page there's support center Home, open a new ticket and check ticket status! Where can I add a link like mentioned above to go back to my designated page. Because without it people have to click on the link provided and open it up as a separate page... Which I don't want them to do.. Thanks in advance


  • I can't follow exactly - can you please provide a better description and/or add some screenshot of what you're trying to achieve?
  • Yes sure... what I want to do is add a name with a link back to my site when someone clicks on it... Because there isn't a link now to do that... I was looking for home href=index.php or what ever it is.. And create a similar link back to main site href=my
  • Ok that seems easier as it really is.

    I think you need to alter one or both of the following files:
    - index.php
    - /include/class.nav.php (look at lines 279+)
  • Thank you. I've found it. The orig is $navs['home'] =array ('disc' =_('main site') , 'href' => 'index.php' , title' => ' ' ) ;

    If I change the href to it doesn't work it comes up with with http://subdomain.mysite/upload/http://sub This is weird.. Thanks for your help...
  • I was wondering how to change

    $navs['new']=array('desc'=>__('Open a New Ticket'),'href'=>'open.php','title'=>''); in class.nav.php

    to a useable hyperlink? What I'd like to do is add a new link next to the support center home link so people can click on the link and come back to the main site without opening a new tab!.

    eg: $navs['new']=array('desc'=>__('Back to Main Site'),'href'=>'open.php','title'=>'');

    So in theory the page would look like. Support home,  Back to Main Site,  Open a new Ticket,  Check ticket status!

    I've tried scr= ect but when I try different things the pages crashes!!!


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