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email name length


Just moving back to osTicket after a few years on a Joomla based system and very happy with what Ive seen on the latest RC downloaded yesterday compared to a few years ago. One thing I have seen though is that the "name" associated with an email seems to be limited to about 32 characters. If its just "Fred Smith" then thats fine but if someone has an email name of "Josephine Ballustrade of Ballustrade-Jones Limited" the email that goes back to them says the equivalent of "Josephine Ballustrade of Ballust"

I know most people wont exceed 32 but as it happens my email name does which is how I spotted it :-) Likewise outbound email names have a similar limitation so you cannot have "Support Helpdesk of Ballustrade-Jones Limited" as it then chops it. Could it maybe change to say 60 characters?



  • Thank you for the feedback. We've addressed the char limits you pointed out + others. Fix will be part of upcoming release.
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