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Filter Custom List

I'm trying to implement a way to fill a custom list on the window open ticket, based on the authenticated client in the system.

To do this I have created one custom list and filled the column value with description,  and the extra column I have filled with the name of the Organization. The idea is to change the function that populates the custom list to filter the content based at extra column bringing only the items where the value of the extra column is equal to the organization's name of authenticated customer.

Someone knows how to change this function? Or where I can change de SQL Select statement?


Claudio Aleksitch
from Brazil



  • Unfortunately I'm not so deep into the osTicket code, so can't tell you what function(s) you'd need to change to achieve what you want.

    Maybe @ntozier has an idea, but I kinda doubt it.
  • Thats not something that I have tried to do.
  • Hi guys,

    Happy new 2018 year!

    I am looking for this option, also.

    Want to be able to filter my list based on an extra column on it with the Organization Id (org_id)...

    So that a user belonging to an Organization will be able to see only the list items regarding that Organization on the form field.

    But, where shall I look? Where is generated the query, when opening a New Ticket?

    OST v1.10.1
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