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Languages per customer

Dear support,

Are you able to tell us if it's possible to use different languages on
OsTicket according to who we answer to?

For example:

Today, a French customer write to us: We open a ticket and he receives
automatically an message in French telling him a ticket was created.

When we reply to him, a template full in French is automatically used
for it.

We would like to do the same if a customer write to us in English or Spanish.

Is there a way to make that choice according to the customer language?

If that's possible, can you please tell us the step by step procedure to make it work?

Thanks a lot for your advice!


  • Currently this is possible only via a little workaround.

    You'd need to create a email template set for each language (Admin panel > email > templates). Then you'd create a department for each language (Admin panel > Agents > Departments) and specify the template set for that department. To use then the correct template set for each customer, you will need to transfer the ticket to the department with the correct/corresponding language before an agent replies. This could may be done automatically via Ticket filters (Admin Panel > Manage > Ticket filters).

    If I am not mistake there are plans to make this easier in the future, but for now the above workaround is the only chance I'm aware of how it would work.
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