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Dynamic Category

Hi im new to OSTicket and currently testing on this. Im currently using the latest version(1.9.12) and I would like to know if the below is possible. I want to customize the ticket details and I want to have the category be dynamic as below.

Category: 1. Add/Remove
               2. Break/Fix
So I want to know lets say I have two boxes from my customized form (box1 and box2. box1 is the main category and box2 is the sub category). let say that on the box1 the user select add/remove then box2 should display: -window,-Office, -Update. If user select Break/Fix then box2 display: -server, -Desktop, -Laptop. Please help if this is possible. Thanks.


  • edited November 2015
    This isn't possible currently.

    You can display both boxes, but you cannot display the first box and based on the selection then display or hide the second box.
  • Thanks for the reply. I will wait for the update then if there will be :)
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