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[resolved] Change ticket status to a personal status when transfering automatically


I want to know how to change the status of a ticket when transfering depts with the latest version of osTicket (1.9.12).

For example: a ticket is "Assigned" (status) to someone, who changes dept. Now I want that the status changes itself to "TEST STATUS"

I've found the file, it's: class.ticket.php

I've done it by adding at line #1662 this:

$this->setStatus(9); (9 is the id of "TEST STATUS")

Now the problem is that if the ticket is already set to "TEST STATUS", and you change dept. it automatically change the status to "Assigned" again.

So I've tried these codes:

if ($statusId == 1) {$this->setStatus(9);} else {}
if ($statusId = 1) {$this->setStatus(9);} else {}
if ($statusId == '1') {$this->setStatus(9);} else {}
if ($statusId = '1') {$this->setStatus(9);} else {}

So if the statusid is 1 (Assigned) change it to 9 (TEST STATUS) otherwise, do nothing.

But none of them worked.

How can I do this? Thanks in advance.


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