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Name list for clients


As well as I have a known list of clients, I would replace the name and email fields by a dropdown list where there are the names of clients.

I created a table ost_askers which has 3 columns : 1 named askerid , set as primary, 1 named askername , and 1 named askeremail.
For the moment, I fill clients infos manually.

The client choose his name in a dropdown list (filled from the askername column) and I would like that when he submit the forum, the choice of his name can returns the name and email field.

Like if the select feature was giving something like that :

Not easy to explain.
What I want is that the user can only choose its name without having too choose its emlail (because it could not match if wrong select).

Some ideas ? :D

Thanks for help :)


  • Looking for the same solution


    I have successfully done this for 1.6, but looking to do it in 1.7. Would be helpful.
  • Hi Rogden,

    I would be happy if you could give me some light about how you did this :)

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