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Ticket filters and spam with [VIRUS]

to one of my support channel [e-mail] came spam with subject, for example: "You Invoice"
on osticket subject change to "[VIRUS] You Invoice"
Which engine add this "[VIRUS]" and maybe somebody know how reject that ticket before it will be created?


  • I don't think this is coming from osTicket since I'm not aware of a function that scans emails for viruses or malware etc. Also a search for the term "virus" showed 0 results - btw. the search was performed over the osTicket source code of version 1.9.12.
  • [VIRUS] was probably added by your spam firewall device (Barracuda) or service.
    It's possible that its from software on your mail server also.
  • Hi,
    thank You for advice, that true - prefix was addesd by my server.
  • Would you like me to mark this resolved and close the thread?
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