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Upgrading from 1.6 to Most Recent - Help Wanted

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a developer to upgrade my client's ticket system (customized version of osTicket 1.6) to the most recent version.

My client is a law firm. They run this ticket system for the state's prison system. They are not allowed to delete attachments, ever. So, since launching the system in 2009, there are now over 37,000 documents in the attachments folder. It's grown to over 45GB in size.

We've customized this system a bit over the years, mainly by adding/editing custom fields in the ticket forms. We've also customized some form validations so users are required to fill out certain custom fields before being allowed to submit edits, etc.

I'd like help with how best to manage this now and going forward. My client has become unable to access certain attachments because of the sheer amount of time it takes to access the attachments folder.

Some questions I have:
- Will the newest version of osTicket fix this attachments issue?
- During an upgrade like this, what kind of workflow is best? Should the system be taken down, upgrade performed, then taken back live? Or, should a copy be downloaded, upgrades performed, upload new version, then run an update on the system to account for tickets added or updated while the offline copy was being upgraded? Or, something else?

Please help. Willing to pay. Thanks,



  • So I've read this post like three times... and still haven't decided how I want to reply.

    Newer versions of osTicket put attachments into the database.  This sounds like it would be very problematic for you.  There is however a plugin to store files on the filesystem.  But I do not think that it will fix your issue with attachments however.

    You would need to add your custom fields via the new custom fields feature in Admin -> Manage -> Forms.  Then you would need to export the data from your custom fields, into the new fields (You could probably do this via SQL statements, but is not trivial.)

    If this were me... I would clone the existing setup to a test site (everything, files, database, etc.  I would rename the database obv, and grant permissions to the mysql user on it, and update the ost-config.php with the new db name.).  I would then preform the upgrade on the test site.  This would hopefully help identify any problem areas that you will encounter.

    This isn't the same versions but

  • I thought I'd found a person that was going to do this upgrade for me, but, well long story short, that person is no longer available. ntozier, or anyone else, are you available to help me with this upgrade? It's beyond my skillset and I'd prefer hiring this out. Please let me know a cost and/or any other questions I can answer to help me get this finished up. Thank you.

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