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Add and show Help Topics in Ticketlist for staff


I'm trying to add the column "Topic" in the ticketlist visible by the staff.

For this I have modified the file" 2.php "(folder "staff") . What I added is highligthened  :

line 170 $sortOptions=array('date'=>'effective_date','ID'=>'ticket.`number`*1',

line 221  $qselect ='SELECT ticket.ticket_id,tlock.lock_id,ticket.`number`,ticket.dept_id,ticket.staff_id,ticket.team_id,ticket.topic_id'
                  .' ,'
                  .' ,email.address as email, dept.dept_name '
                  .' , as status,ticket.source,ticket.isoverdue,ticket.isanswered,ticket.created ';

                  $qfrom=' FROM '.TICKET_TABLE.' ticket '.
                   ' LEFT JOIN '.TICKET_STATUS_TABLE. ' status
                       ON ( = ticket.status_id) '.
                   ' LEFT JOIN '.USER_TABLE.' user ON = ticket.user_id'.
                   ' LEFT JOIN '.USER_EMAIL_TABLE.' email ON = email.user_id'.
                   ' LEFT JOIN '.DEPT_TABLE.' dept ON ticket.dept_id=dept.dept_id ';
                   ' LEFT JOIN '.TOPIC_TABLE.' topic ON ticket.topic_id=topic.topic_id ';

line 416  <th width="70">
                <a <?php echo $topic_sort; ?> href="tickets.php?sort=topic&order=<?php echo $negorder; ?><?php echo $qstr; ?>"
                    title="<?php echo sprintf(__('Sort by %s %s'), __('Topic'), __($negorder)); ?>"><?php echo __('Topic'); ?></a></th>   

And here the result :


As you can see, the title of the column is created, but I don't now how to "fill" the column with topic titles.

Please help me to find the solution.

Thank you.

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