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Disconnection from osTicket too soon

He there
Thanks for taking sometime to look at my question
I have installed osTicket on Ubuntu Server with LAMP stack packages 
I am having difficulties with the connection. for some reason, the connection dies too son. 
Example of the problem: 
I open osTicket form the client, login, and open a ticket, I start typing & filling the gaps, suddenly this box pop up: 

then when I refresh I get this page 

When this happens, I cannot get back to the front page. The web application basically dies, and I end up having to go to the server and restart Apache. 

I have tried to update my SSH configuration file to take 99999 seconds to die, but no benefit from doing so, 

This problem is preventing me from proposing this to my company, because they won't accept application that dies too soon, not practical, as you know technicians may stay on the page for 30 minutes or longer


  • osTicket is a web (HTTP/HTTPS) application... I'm now sure why you would adjust SSH settings which is a totally different protocol.  What version of osTicket you are running?  What actual logged errors are you getting (consult your Apache logs, PHP error logs, etc.)? What is your enviornment (with versions) (PHP, webserver, MySQL, etc)?

    Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting
    guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • I am using Ubuntu with LAMP stack (PHP, MySQl, Apache) 

    osTicket v1.9.12
    Apache v2.2.22
    PHP v5.3.10-1ubuntu3.21
    MySQL v5.5.46

    I found out just now that I understood SSH completely the wrong way, thanks you when you wondered. 

    errors will make this post too long, I uploaded logs separately
    this is error log from php.ini
    Here is apache2 error log
  • The first one is your php.ini ... not your log file.
    The second one isn't the access/error logs.  It appears to be the logs for the Apache2 service itself (when it starts/stopped).
  • apparently I have number of logs for Apache, the one I copied was /var/log/apache2/error.log ""
    these are the remaining logs




    I think this is what you meant by error/access logs? I am trying best to figure out.  

  • Maybe you should take a look at the agent session settings:


    Depending on the settings there your session could expire and it behaves like you describe it.

    The only thing that is wondering me why you have to restart your web server..

    That shouldn't be necessary in this case.
  • Hi Mfelber
    Thanks for coming by. I have previously increased Agent Session Timeout to 1000 minutes, 
    the problem here, after I get the red page I have posted in my question, web application does not work, sometimes I waited until the next day, without restarting the server, web application won't work until I restart Apache. 

    Today I went back to the osTicket, I reduced Agent Session Timeout to 30 minutes, but nothing changed, I still would get the same thing I described in the very beginning... 
  • You could set it to "0" in order to disable the timeout mechanism. 

    But in your case the problem seems to be in your web server environment. 
    Something different seems to "influence" your sessions and the whole application (otherwise you wouldn't have to restart your web server).

    I never heard of such a behavior before with this version of osticket. 

    The php version you use is very old and buggy (php 5.3.29 reached the end of life date August 2014). Maybe changing the environment would be an option for you..
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