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Using OSTicket with eBay

Others seem to run OSTicket with eBay.

I have configured OSTicket with my e-mail address associated with eBay.  When e-mails come in they are created as a ticket, assigned to the correct department (with the same e-mail as the response) & I respond.  I was sure to include the variable %{ticket.thread.lastmessage} to the body so that the response had eBay's required content.

The problem is that none of my responses are going through.  I am sending test e-mails as a different user & I (as the other user) never receive the responses from OSTicket.

Does anyone who have this set up for eBay know what I might do differently?  OSTicket is sending the e-mails but they are - for some reason - being rejected by eBay.


  • Never used that combination of osTicket and ebay, so cannot tell, but hopefully someone else can.
  • Sounds like a question for ebay to me.
  • But you really working with ebay by email (without osTicket)?

    If it works, look at you smtp settings.
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