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Will osTicket Team plans to develop a ticket escalation mechanism?


I think a ticket escalation mechanism can escalate troublesome tickets to the right person at the right time, does osTicket have any development plan on this? I have thought of some examples on this.

Example 1, if a ticket is not assigned within an SLA(say 1 hour), department members get an alert. If the ticket is not assigned within another SLA(say 5 hour), the department manager and department members get another alert.

Example 2, if a ticket is assigned within SLA(1 hour) but not put to a resolved status within another SLA(10 hour), send out someting like "SLA for resolved status violated" alert.

Escalation mechanism can help to alert the right people at the right time for the ricket ticket. Could you please advise are there any on going developments or plan on this? :P


  • It's my understanding that SLAs are on the board to be revamped in a future version.
  • Thanks ntozier!

    Can you share more? Such as will there be different SLAs for the same ticket set at different time, so that the 2nd overdue alert for the ticket can be sent few hours after the first one sent if still no one close the ticket.

  • You have all the information that I have regarding this.
  • Thanks ntozier a lot~!

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