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Data erased when adding new Users!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm having a HUGE problem when adding new users. After all the user information is filled out (see pic "Create User"), the system will not save the data! After clicking on the newly created user, all the information outside of the name and telephone number has magically disappeared (see pic "Update User"). I've even played around and made all fields required but it still erases the values once created.

Does anybody have any idea what may be causing this or if this is a version issue?! 

Later when updating the profile it saves the data but not when initially creating the user. This is very troublesome obviously to have to later add the data. 

Thanks in advance,




  • Create User pic
  • Update User pic
  • Version info

    The pics wouldn't upload all at once, sorry for the overload
  • 1.9.9 is older, you should upgrade to current 1.9.12 and re-test.
  • I think this a known issue of osticket that will be fixed with the next version 1.10 (estimated end of the month):

  • @mfelber - so you are experiencing the same problem in 1.9.12? Definitely a problem that needs to be fixed. 

    We are using osTicket as a Hotline solution and it is extremely inconvenient to ask the customer for all their contact information and then come to find out that most all of it was deleted. This meant we obviously have to ask all over again. Makes us look like idiots obviously :/ 

    We are currently just using a work-around by creating the customer in the User Directory, then editing the user info directing afterwards, and then creating a new ticket for that user. This works ok but requires more mouse clicks and is not nearly as fluid and user friendly for the workers. 
  • @natedawg Yes, we have this issue too. This seems to be a design limitation of 1.9.x
    We use the same workaround you mentioned.

    1.10. doesn't have this problem. I would/will upgrade when it is released..

  • @mfelber thanks for the help. I guess unfortunately I'll just have to play the waiting game with you then. 
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