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[resolved] New Company Name = New URL = New osTicket Installation with old database information

Effective the start of the year, our company rebranded itself and that meant our old website address is now being redirected to our new address; however, I have not installed osTicket to the new site yet and now that I've used osTicket for a couple of years, I wanted to install it to its own subdomain instead of to a subdirectory, i.e., I want to install it to instead of I also don't want to lose our ticket history and user base, so I planned to reuse the MySQL database instance we have been using. 

I assume there will be some bumps in the road doing this. My biggest concern is being able to login post installation to make the necessary changes from within the GUI. Should I expect this to be a problem? Should I make some changes to the database directly first? What should I expect in the way of installation issues?


  • Q: Should I expect this to be a problem?
    A: Not if you do it right. 

    Q: Should I make some changes to the database directly first?
    A: Only if you REALLY know what you are doing. But you do not need to.

    Q: What should I expect in the way of installation issues?
    A: You haven't really given us enough information to answer this.  Are you moving physical servers?
    What webserver are you running?
  • Thanks for responding. I have done a few upgrades in the past, but this feels like a hybrid upgrade/new installation. 

    Nothing is physically moving. We have added a new domain to our current hosting plan. The webserver is Linux/Apache (?) and is hosted by Pair Networks. 

    I have added the support.* subdomain and copied the contents of the  v1.9.12 upload folder to I also opened ost-sampleconfig.php, updated the installation specific info from my former ost-config.php file, and saved it as ost-config.php. 

    From here I tried going to like I would with a standard upgrade and instead ended up at If I clicked continue and entered the database information from my old ost-config.php file, it complains about the table prefix being in use. 

    I also tried going directly to and it brought me back to again. 

    What is the best way to proceed?

  • So you could just edit your Apache configuration and point it to the location where the files reside currently.  Then you dont have to move anything.  You log in and change the Help Desk URL and you are done.
  • I can (and want to) reuse the MySQL database from our old location /support, but the rest of the files and folders can't stay under the old domain name. 
  • So then just move the files from
    to the new location.
  • The fact that I'm moving them from olddomain/support to support.newdomain isn't going to cause an issue? 

  • No, and you can change the URL for osTicket from the old to the new one under
    Admin Panel > Settings > System
    so all the email templates etc. are referring to new location ;)
  • I ended up moving the files from the old location to the new, updating the URL and other related settings in the Admin Panel, and then upgrading to the current version (v1.9.12). This got the system up and active again, but did not do exactly what I wanted. 

    Prior to v1.7, I had spent a lot of time and effort customizing our installation of osTicket to use ZendMail because we couldn't modify our PHP settings due to our hosting plan. This meant I had a number of additional files and directories to make the system emails possible. We changed our hosting plan and gained the ability to modify the PHP settings sufficiently to use osTicket out of the box and when we upgraded to v1.8.02 we overwrote all of the osTicket files that had been modified to use ZendMail and were able to use osTicket as intended with its original configuration. Unfortunately, the extra files and directories were still in place and it was my desire to do a clean install of osTicket (v1.9.12) to our new website, but maintain our history and such by utilizing the old MySQL database. 

    In the interest of time and reducing how long our ticket system was unavailable, I went ahead and used the solution presented here (to move the files and directories) instead of trying to better explain my intent and goals, but this thread may be marked as resolved now.
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