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Set the default language and direction

I translated the script into Arabic but the landing page is still in english as default language and the direction is not right
until I choose the arabic flag on the top.
I would like to have Arabic as the deafult language in all pages with the right direction (right to left) and also I want to delete English.
Thank you.



  • Install the language pack before you run the installer.
    When running the installer pick the language as the default.
    Landing page is managed at Admin panel -> Manage -> Pages
  • I did not get my answer yet!
    I did not install any language, I tanslated the script manually.
    The only problem is the default direction, I want to make right to left (Arabic) default instead of left to right (English)
  • Then I guess we're not able to help you since we are not that deep into the source code to know how to switch to RTL language style.
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