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LDAP Pulling Email From Active Directory


I'm on a IIS server 8.5 with windows server 2012 r2 and osTicket 1.10 RC2.

LDAP plugin is configured correctly and sign on works properly if user in AD already has an email address. However, I have hundreds of users without email addresses in AD so this becomes a problem. Sign on fails for them. Is it possible to not pull that field from AD, and have the user enter their email manually once signed on? I wasn't sure if the .phar file would have to be modified or if just changing something like login.php might do it. Thanks for any help!! 



  • Just for further info, this is the error log i'm given when I try to sign a user in. I thought it might help in diagnosing what I need to edit to fix this issue with my setup. Thanks for the help!

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ObjectNotUnique' with message 'One object was expected; however multiple objects in the database matched the query. In fact, there are 2 matching objects.' in F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\include\class.orm.php:1100 Stack trace: #0 F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\include\class.orm.php(474): QuerySet->one() #1 F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\include\class.user.php(581): VerySimpleModel::lookup(Array) #2 F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\include\class.user.php(207): User::lookupByEmail(NULL) #3 F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\include\class.auth.php(137): User::fromVars(Array) #4 F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\login.php(56): ClientCreateRequest->attemptAutoRegister() #5 {main} thrown in F:\osTicket\helpdesk\support\include\class.orm.php on line 1100
  • 1.10 rc2 is the R elease C andidate 2 of the upcoming osTicket version 1.10 and it shouldn't be used in productive environments!

    Regardless of that, when your user accounts from ldap don't have an email address I guess it's hard to work around that since osTicket needs an email address for every user
  • Yea I a user without a required email is a bad idea... you can try editing the plugin with the UNC email address instead for example
  • Thanks for your replies!

    I've thought about what you said, and I guess I just wish there was a way to authenticate with AD, and then upon first log in, it prompt for an email which is saves from then on out. That's a lot to ask, and probably won't happen, so I'll probably just import a csv of users and not use ldap. 
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