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Help me to migrate from old to the latest 1.92/1.10-RC.2

Hello everyone.

The whole day I'm trying to migrate to the latest. I don't know what the version I have before (i removed version if it exists in footer).
1. Where to look in config files or DB about version number?

2. Can I upgrade from 1.6 directrly to 1.9 (latest) or i should do all the steps 1.6->1.7... etc. ?
(my unknown version to 1.10-RC2 gives picture included below)

3. How can I migrate my old data to the 1.10-RC.2?

What I did: Installed latest 1.10-RC.2 version then imported my DB. Then it doesn't work.



  • first of all 1.10rc2 is a release candidate and should not be run in a production environment.

    If you search your old files for THIS_VERSION you may find the version you are running. If its an 1.6 rc version  then you would need to upgrade to 1.6ST prior to upgrading.  Either way you should probably upgrade to 1.9.x prior to upgrading to 1.10... and you should really wait for 1.10 stable to be released before you start using that.

  • edited February 2016
    /agrees with @ntozier

    Beside that, for the upgrade itself, read the following discussion:
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