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Dashboard Departments always show 1 Opened Ticket


I am in the process of configuring osTicket for our environment here. I've got all my departments listed, and things are generally working well. I did a lot of testing with tickets, so I went to delete tickets and noticed the Statistics on the Dashboard had not been cleared. I searched for this, and found a help topic that told me I could delete all the rows in my ost_ticket_event table in the database and it will clear this information.

It appears to have worked, but all my departments are showing 1 ticket in every single category (opened, closed, overdue, etc).

Here's a screen shot. I removed the department names so it might look a little funny.



  • edited February 2016
    The dashboard is garbage and this has been reported numerous times since it was added. 
    The dashboard is slated to be revamped in a future release.  No idea when.

    ps I've updated your title to make it clearer that this is about the Dashboard.
  • That's very disappointing. I couldn't imagine trying to get my team to use this software with such a huge glaring bug, front and center. There has got to be some way to correct this.
  • Don't grant them access to the Dashboard?
  • That's a good point. If I can't fix it, I'll hide it. Thanks. I hope I didn't come across as rude, I was just surprised to find that it's been broken for so long.
  • IMO the reporting mod (by forum member @scottro) is superior way to do reporting, and the devs have been busy working on adding new and better functionality to the product.  I'm sure that they will get around to doing the dashboard, but for now its been deemed a lower priority to the things that they have been adding.
  • You said 'don't grant them access to the Dashboard'... was this a setting I missed somewhere? I don't remember granting them access to that in the first place.

    I searched for it and could only find this reply you made earlier in the year:

    I could do that just fine, but if I could avoid modifying source files that would be preferred.
  • you can disable some of it here:
    Admin panel -> Agents -> Groups -> Can View Agent Stats

    But I think that still lets them see their own stats.  So the other thread you linked is probably your real answer.
  • Excellent, thank you for the responses. 
  • Very welcome. :)
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