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Problems when upgrading to PHP 7

I initially installed OSTicket on host with PHP 5.6 and everything was terrific.

I switched to PHP 7 and when I open up my installation, I get a 500 internal server error.

Are there any known issues with PHP 7?


  • PHP 7 is not (yet) supported!
  • Q: Are there any known issues with PHP 7?
    A: yes.  osTicket does not support PHP7 at this time.  Once 1.10 is released I believe that it will however.  If not 1.10 then the version after that,
  • Hello,

    Do you have a date for the PHP7 compatibility?
  • Q: Do you have a date for the PHP7 compatibility?
    A: When 1.10 is released.  It's release date is: When it is ready.
  • Thanks :-)
  • Osticket PHP 7.1 or higher support. Looking back - it looks like the last comment was back in April 2016. How likely will this happen in 2017?
  • @owizard How likely will what happen?
    PHP 7 is supported now (but some people have reported issues).
    PHP 7.1 is not supported at this time and there are known incompatibilities.
  • My webserver running PHP 7.0.18-0ubuntu0.17.04.1 seems to work great with 1.10
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