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Reopened tickets

Hi whoever may be reading this,

Suppose a ticket was closed that was never assigned to an agent. When that ticket is closed, the agent that closed the ticket (we'll call him Carl) is noted in the ticket details. If that ticket is reopened (most likely by another agent - who we will call George) then this ticket remains assigned to Carl. 
What we want to happen is that when George reopens the ticket, that it goes back to being unassigned. Otherwise it shows that Carl is responsible and he sees it in his overview but it is no longer his issue to resolve.  

In the settings, we have deactivated "Claim on Response". In its description it states "Reopened tickets are always assigned to the last respondent". I would assume this means that when deactive, reopened tickets are NOT assigned to the last respondent. 
In the class.ticket.php code, I have found what I believe to be the appropriate line of code. However, here it is commented that, "If the ticket is closed and auto-claim is not enabled then put the ticket back to unassigned pool." Again I would expect it no have no agent assigned when reopened.

Does OS Ticket somehow differentiate the last respondent from the one that closes the ticket? Basically we don't want that the ticket is assigned to the agent who closed the ticket. 


osTicket-Versionv1.9.9-1-gbe2f138 (be2f138)
Server-SoftwareApache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)



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  • Please upgrade the latest version 1.9.12. I'm not sure if it's fixed in that version, but I remember some commits on github regarding this issue. Instead maybe it was for 1.10 which is currently in a beta state (release candidate 2), so not an option for a productive environment, but there have been some commits which I definitely remember to fix that issue. So give the upgrade a try ;)
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