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Add organisation when opening a new ticket (Client and staff side)

edited February 2016 in Mods and Customizations


I'm looking for a solution to automaticly add new Organisations.
What i already did is: i made a new Form and add a column Organisation. When a client makes a new ticket they can add there Company name in the Organisation field. As Staff this is not working and i only get the e-mail and full name field. And the search filter doesn't work on the new field that i added. Also it doesn't make a new organisation.

It would be great when a client or staff member makes a new ticket, they fill in the Organisation name (Company field) and OSTicket will add this to the organisation.  If this is not possible (What i can understand because of misspeld company names etc.) Then my first option would be great as well only then i have an other question.

I hope i explain this right.

Kind regards,


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