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Osticket with ad authentication

We have existing ad domain.I installed LDAP.phar plugin in osticket.I tried to configure it using DC showing updated successfully. But I didn't login with ad users.please help me in this regard


  • edited February 2016
    Version of osTicket?
    Did you 1. enable the plugin after configuring it?
    Did you 2. enable users to log in?
  • the osticket version 10.rc2,release candidate.I am enabled it and tried to connect,its not working.
  • I have the same problem on 10.rc2. Any ideas?
  • can any body suggest any important blogs to resolve this issue

  • @ragava462 did you create the users accounts?
  • Hi.
    It's not necessary to create any user account in OsTicket before :)
    Account is automatically created at the first logon (only if the user exists in A.D)

    Fill out Domain Name field with FQDN Domain Name (example : athome I have a domain named : with short name ATHOME. So i typed

    In DNS Server, type your DNS IP Address (if the Domain controler hosts the DNS service, type the domain controller IP)

    and give at leat 1 Domain Controler IP (classically, ping your FQDN domain name, and enter the provided IP)

    In LDAP Type (or LDAP Schema) field, choose Microsoft Active Directory, and save your changes.

    It should works fine. In my organization, users are referenced in different UO, and there is no problem with authentication.

    Just an advice - this is our process to prevent from including unuseful data in reportings : create local users for agents (agent login must not be configured to authenticate with LDAP) - So they can use separately end user UI and admin UI at the same time.

    Don't hesitate to tell me if it has help you :)

    (And sorry for my english)
  • can anyone please out me from this issue???
  • I see unanswered questions.
    I see a big long post with step by step instructions and no indication as to if you followed them.
    I'd say that you got help, and now its time for you to do your due diligence.
  • raghava462 : Did you follow the steps I gave you ? Does it works for you ? You request help but did not tell us if the steps has been tried or not... tell us please :)

  • hi john,
    Its works fine.Now I am able to authenticate with AD.Thanks 

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