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Autoresponder with filter option

What I would love to have an customizable autoresponder:
- fire autoresponder only on when a filter match
* desired filter: weekend (or make it configurable e.g. friday 5 p.m. until sunday 5 p.m.)
* desired filter: from email range (domain)
* desired filter: email content filter
- if autoresponder fire, assign this ticket to a stuff/group or department with an selectable SLA Plan

I guess none of this is currently possible with osticket?


  • Is this a Suggestion and Feedback or a question?  Because you started off strong and asked a question. 

    No one can answer your question 100% definitively because you have not provided us with the version of osTicket that you are running.

    Recent versions:
    You cannot filter based on current date/time.
    You can filter messages based on being a or not being a specific domain(s).
    You can filter content REGEX style for key words in the Ticket Details.
    You can also autoassign to Agent/Department/Team and set the SLA.
  • ntozier, thanks for your reply. You are right, of course.

    My suggestion is: An email filter for time range would be great option for the email filters :-)

  • Thats a really good idea. :)
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