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Newbie SQL ticket question

Looking to do something specific and am evaluating osticket as a possibility so wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction (or point me to a forum topic which is similar.

I would like to create a ticket and have the agent be constrained to a date for an answer then populate a (local) database with that answer.  Has anyone heard of played with such a thing?  Thanks.


  • So I think the first part of my question can be answered with custom forms?  I still am not sure how I would work in the second (populating data on a different database when submitting), anyone work in a custom procedure like that?
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    I'm not aware of anyone that does anything like that.  @Chefkeks goes in the other direction though.  Importing AD information into osTicket nightly.  Maybe his mod could assist you in doing the opposite?

    Maybe this thread would help too?
  • Thanks ntozier, I will look at that link.

    BTW, I found custom forms (and then help topics) also only took me so far.  I want to streamline the new ticket creation of certain help topics to where I don't need the technician to input issue details but other information.  I can't seem to hide the "Issue Details" box on the ticket creation side and I also can't seem to hide the response text box after it is created (I would like there just to be a date/time box for a certain help topic).  Is this possible?
  • Q: Is this possible? [hide the "Issue Details"]
    A: Not at this time, No.

    You might be better off writing your own script and having it use the API to open tickets in osTicket and update your other DB at the same time.
  • OK, I've been looking into the API also so will go that route.  

    How about for the "Post Reply" window when a technician is dealing with a ticket?  Can this be customized to only have specific fields?
  • The post reply window only has one field.  Or do you mean that you dont want people to be able to select a canned response or change the ticket status?

    If you mean what I think that you mean then the answer is no.  Not at this time.
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