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1.9.12 - LDAP auto registration for end users, automatically fill inputs

Hi everybody,

I've recently added osticket to my IIS server with LDAP plugin. Currently, ldap seems to work correctly for both users (staff and clients). The only issue I come across is that when a client (frontend users) log-in with he's LDAP informations he's redirected to the "Account Registration" page with all inputs (email address/phone number/country) empty.

Is there a way to get these LDAP informations to get automatically added to the forms inputs ? I've try searching on all pages but it looks like this form is generated with data of the database.

If you have an idea of how to bypass registration (hopping that LDAP e-mail will be automatically added) or how to fill those inputs it will be nice. It's really a pain to make this part work...

Thank you and best regards



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