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Osticket for multi-language company


I need help from some of you Osticket geniuses

We want to use Osticket as our ticket system for the company i work in. I have installed and configured most of it and it seems to work fine. 

Though I have a question regarding auto-replys. I need to be able to send an auto-reply in two different languages (danish and english) based on which user (or company) they come from.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


  • Unfortunately I do not think that is done yet.  The multilanguage feature has not yet reached the final stages of development and is currently on stage 3 of 5.

    The best way to handle this other wise if probably to use canned responses. 

    English - Account Setup
    Spanish - Account Setup

    Then select the one that you want.  Or you might also use ticket filters to possibly select the right one based on charset used in the email for email opened tickets.
  • Alright.

    Thank you very much for the detailed answer! 
  • I believe that when the new 1.10 stable is released that it will go to phase 4 of 5 which pushes a lot more translation through into the ui.  But its not ready yet.
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