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osTicket and Slovenien language


I've noticed in that osticket is already translated to slovenian language, but I can't find it anywhere in osTicket language packs.

Should I download it elsewhere or. how can I import that language to our local version of OsTicker?

Thankk you in advance


  • If it's been "completed" at the translation page then it needs to be approved, packaged and released.
    That will likely happen after the next release happens.
  • Hello,

    will this be approved already in the next release candidate or official version?

  • "That will likely happen after the next release happens."
  • Is there any way that I make .PHAR archive myself?

    I tried to make the .PHAR archive, but without success.

    When I ran phartools.cmd with -c switch, I got message that files are packing, the operation ended, but I can't find the result, i.e., .PHAR archive anywhere.

    What I'm doing wrong?

    I'm working with Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • This thread is from 2016.  closing zombie thread with a head shot.

    You cannot make the phar from the translation site.

    But here is .phar documentation.
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