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built in mailq on ost?

We use a relay host locally on our server to send e-mails on osticket.  We had an issue with spamming and had to disable the relay on the local network.  We then realised we didn't set postfix back to normal to enable relay.

My question is, does osticket have it's own mailq as in does it try to send the tickets again after a certain period of time?  I don't receive any bounce back messages from osticket stating it couldn't send the e-mails so I was wondering if this was the case.


  • No.  osTicket does not have a mail queue.  It tries to send the mail via SMTP, or tries to use PHPMail.  If it fails it fails and should update your osTicket systemlog. 
  • Would be nice if it had some visual notification as a notation made directly to the ticket.  Not everyone has access to the system log.
  • I agree with 1QuickSI having no notification stating it can't send using your smtp server seems quite bad as it makes you believe all is working well which is what happened to us.

    Would've expected a SMTP failure message when trying to send a ticket.
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