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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Ticket/Task templates or filters

I would like to achieve something like this:

Create Ticket Filter
with rule:
 - Help Topic =  "New employee" (when our HR create new ticket with Help Topic "New employee")

execute Action (like):
- assign Task: "Create domain user for new employee" (task for Admin1)
- assign Task: "Prepare desk and computer station" (task for Admin2)
- assign Task: "Create e-mail account for new employee" (task for Admin1)
- assign Task: "Prepare trainings for new employee"  (task for someone from other department)

hmmm? Any mods? ;) anything similar?

I thing it would be good idea to implement this in new version. (?)


  • I believe that you will be able to do something like this once 1.10 is released, but there is no way to do this in the current version without some serious code alteration.
  • Yes, I thought about 1.10 release but I have not noticed any Actions (in Ticket Filter setup menu) where can I use Task.
  • 1.10 isn't out yet?
  • I would assume he is referring to 1.10 rc??

    What is being discussed here is something which is HUGE for me and my organization. I have been waiting for 1.10 for a long long time. I love the idea of tasks I also like the idea of auto-task creation within tickets.Ideally these tasks could or would be assigned by a category being selected. 
  • "What is being discussed here is something which is HUGE for me and my organization."

    Same here.
  • @ntozier now the element of this I am curious about is how the permissions will work for tasks. Can the assignee of the task ticket view the entire ticket or are they limited ot just their task ticket? Ideally that would be an option within the settings- IMO.
  • I haven't really played with tasks much since I ahve been waiting for the devs to actually finish the feature... so I don't know how permissions will work.  I presume the only the person the task is assigned to and the task "owner" [person who opened it] will be able to see it.
  • I have been playing around with tasks in the 1.10 version. By the way: there are lots of issues with the downloadable Release Candidate, many of which have already been fixed. So be sure if you want to have a peak and maybe report bugs to use the most current GIT branch, not the months old RC. Maybe it is time for an RC3?

    However: I did not find a way for auto task creation, like suggested here. For me, too, this would be an amazing and very helpful feature. So big that I would consider spending a couple of weekends to implement it and send a pull request. Of course, with the available API this could be done externally, but I really think it would be a great in-software addition.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong and just didn't find the feature, but it is actually in the code already...
  • edited May 2016
    Q: Maybe it is time for an RC3?
    A: When its ready, yes I agree.

    It's not implemented yet.
  • Was this ever figured out? I have the same request! 

    I would agree. It would be extremely helpful to have the ability to choose a help topic that is setup to assign a specific a task list. Will give you an example.
    We are using it for new employees. We are rather spread out agency, have numerous different systems / departments. (Human Resources, IT, EMR/EHR Support, Billing, Business Services / Facility)
    When HR & Supervisor decide to hire someone a "New Employee" ticket is entered in the system.
    This ticket is assigned to a group / team that is notified. the Tasks are created as tasks under the ticket, These teams and groups all have different responsibilities. Here's a brief overview....
    IT - Network, Security, Account Creations, email etc....
    EMR / EHR (Electronic Medical Record) - Account Creations, Specific setup in EHR, Etc....
    Billing - Start Enrollment process with insurance companies, Medicaid, Etc.....
    Facilities / Business Services - Office Space, Keys, Cars, etc...
    If a new employee ticket was entered, it could then create a list of IT related tasks and assign them to the IT Group and so on for each department.
    Each department could complete there part, once the departments have finished each section the ticket then can be closed and completed.
    I have not found a way to do the above, If you have insight. please let me know!
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