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Adding another field to the dashboard

I am new to osTickets and need some help. I have created a new field called escalated which is a checked box. I would like to add this new field to the field of items that are displayed on the dashboard. Now the Dashboard presently show ticket, date, subject, from, priorit and assigned to. Now I want to add escalated to that display list.

Also I would like to add a report to show all tickets that were escalted.


v1.9.12 (19292ad)
   Up to date


  • There is no way to add a custom fields to the Dashboard via the ui, the Dashbaord predates the custom field feature.  You would have to edit the 

  • I think the reporting stuff is located in /include/ajax.reports.php . Looks pretty complicated, so I'm not sure how easy it'll be to customize. I am looking to add more reporting tough as it has been requested often by our users.
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