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How to increase the file upload size when creating a FAQ

Hi all,
New user to OST here.
I am trying to create some FAQs that include user's manuals, but when I try to attach/upload the manuals to the FAQ I get:

the upload size limit in php.ini seems to only apply to when a user is submitting a ticket. Can someone tell me how to change this size limit for FAQs?

Thank you,


  • Ok, apparently even though the image appeared when I was typing the question it won't post the image. I get a "File is too large

    error message.
  • You would have to adjust your allowed file size in osTicket (and quite possibly at the PHP level).
  • Yes, I know that, but I do not know where to make that change, that is what I am asking.
    I changed the file size limit in the php.ini file, but that did not help. That only affects the file size limit when someone is submitting a ticket.
    Where else is file size limit information stored?
    Thank you,
  • You have to alter the settings in your php.ini and restart your webserver.

    The answer to that depends on the version of osTicket.

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Attachments:

  • Thank you!
    I did not realize the setting under Tickets would affect something in the Knowledgebase section. That would be something that would be helpful to have documented.
  • It was moved not too long ago... and I agree that its not in the "best" place for it to be located.
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