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LDAP - unable to update agent info


I have do my osticket setting by using LDAP/Active Directory but now it come error when i try to save Agent Account.

"Unable to update this agent. Correct error(s) below and try again!"

I think all information needed are correctly key-in..Nothing mention what field error.

Thank You


  • Version of osTicket?
    Screen shot?
    Are you adding an agent or editing one?

  • sorry again..

    osTicket Version v1.9.12 (19292ad)
    Up to date
    Web Server Software Apache/2.4.10 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1i PHP/5.5.19
    MySQL Version 5.6.21
    PHP Version 5.5.19
    i just try to edit myself id/username to check whether the AD is fully functioning..

    refer attachement
  • There is it that the computer where costs Active Directory didn't reboot a long time. Try to reboot where Active Directory is adjusted. I had a similar situation, has looked in the log of the magazine, it has turned out that it wasn't rebooted 60 days. Reset has helped.
  • Also check, correctness of settings in a plug-in. There is my screenshotimage
  • refer that field are mandatory to fill up? i didnt keyin anything..

    Search Base is for what? is that same? sorry..still noob with AD
  • FYI this AD i try by using my pc localhost by xampp..
  • Tell, you have an organization? and why to you LDAP, for what purposes? If you have a big company where users address in technical support, then LDAP for such purposes a useful thing.
  • yes..because all system for my organization using AD authentication..
  • 1. Create, the user think up the password (he has to have privileges as at the administrator)
    2. Find a tab in properties of the user the editor of attributes
    3. As shown in a screenshot select all text and insert it into LDAP plug-in 


    4. Enter the password from the user of which you have created
    5. Find your organization in which your users in Active Directory. in Properties of the folder choose the editor of attributes, you watch a screenshot.
    6. Insert the selected text into LDAP a plug-in.


  • I hope it to you will help!
  • edited April 2016
    error unable to update agent solved by using google chrome..but know when i try to login page blank..

    Valid CSRF Token Required

    Invalid CSRF token [3c64a2521011e7a096c2bb4ca33f3a8758f2f9d3] on
  • you have adjusted LDAP? If have adjusted, check it with the help of addition of the new agent, in the panel of the administrator create the new employee, in the field of a name specify a user login to appear the dropping-out list from Active Directory. If everything with it is normal, then and at an auntifikation on the homepage has to be everything is OK!
  • problem solved..all problem due to im using mozilla i try use google chrome nothing error..
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