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Plugin Config Empty

I'm working on a plugin that needs to store a URL. Plugin::getConfig is returning a blank object with nearly no data in it.

so in my config.php file I've got the following php:

return array (
'url' => new TextboxField ( array (
'id' => 'timetrex_url',
'label' => 'Enter the url of your timetrex installation',
'configuration' => array (
'desc' => 'Enter the url of your timetrex installation',
'size'=>100 )
) ),

and in my instantiated plugin i've got this:

function getURL(){
return $this->getConfig()->get('timetrex_url');

It was working, but then I changed some file names during dev. I've been trying to figure it out but getConfig is returning a new instance of config with zero data in it. Anyone know why? Anyone know how to fix it?


  • MORE INFO: I am instantiating the plugin manually to call some render code in the <head> section I've noticed that I'm missing an ID as the constructor argument. This same Id argument is used to select the config during getConfig(). What should the constructor's argument be?
  • UPDATE & SOLUTION: The issue was that I was instantiating the plugin with no ID. this override of the constructor fixes my problem and gives access to the plugin's data as expected.

    function __construct(){
    //first we need to get the id of the plugin
    .' WHERE install_path="plugins/TTpunchbutton"';
    $id = db_result(db_query($sql));

  • I don't understand.  Where did you put the __construct code at?  Hopefully this isn't too old a thread.
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