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Account Manager viewing access to Organizations' Tickets


I think it would be a good addition if Account Managers are always able to view their Organizations' tickets, similar to seeing all tickets assigned to them. 

Currently there is the option to Auto-Assign the tickets to the Account Manager but I do not want to assign the tickets to the manager because he is not the one doing the work but I would like that he has viewing access of these tickets at any point in time. 
We currently transfer tickets from our service department to our sales department, who then transfer the ticket to the responsible outside sales rep based on what customer the ticket was for. It would be more helpful if the outside sales rep could have access to the ticket from the beginning of ticket creation rather than at the very end. 

We cannot manage this currently as we do not want to assign the tickets to the sales rep from the beginning but we do not want them through their Group Permissions to view all tickets in the service department.



  • Otherwise, with the current way, I don't really see the point of having an Account Manager unless you also check the box to have tickets automatically assigned. 
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