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Reverting Back To Previous Ticket Status Page

Hey guys!

I would like to know if anyone knows if it is possible to revert back to the previous ticket status page where I could see all of my tickets ever submitted.
If there is a way to make it show me all the tickets submitted instead of just one.

I am running v1.9.12. This current page sends an link to my email but I can only see a specific ticket number, not all of them.


  • So I think that you are talking about using guest mode.  Enable user account.  Log in.  You will be able to see all the tickets that the User has opened.
  • So, the only way to accomplish this is to create a user account for whoever needs to look at their past tickets?
  • So the only way to accomplish this is either:
    1. Have the guest to register for an account, and log into it.
    2. Create accounts for your users, and have them log into it.
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