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User-ID with Numbers only


I hope you guys can help me. Every new User here gets
an AD-User with Numbers only. We use the LDAP Plugin and want the Users to use their AD-User name.
It works fine with old Users but the new Users with User-ID's (like 1005764)
can't Login. Even when I deactivate the LDAP Authentication and make a local
User with the same Login-ID it doesn't work. Does anyone have a Idea how i can solve this?

We use the Version 1.9.12.

Thank you! 


  • I seem to recall someone else using all numeric usernames a while back and they found a solution.  I would try searching here and github for the necessary code changes.
  • Thx for the hint. Found a few possible solutions on Github. Will try these. 

    Thank you!
  • Glad that I could point you in the right direction (if not to the solution). :)
    I'll leave this thread open, please feel free to post your outcome here.
  • Hello,

    here is the Issue from github with a Solution that worked for me:

    Thanks again for the help. 
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