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Email notifications to all Department members

Hello All,

I just learned today after having osTicket in use for close to a year that email notifications for any type of ticket activity are NOT being sent to all Dept. agents. I would like this to be the default behavior. We have 2 Departments currently. Since I am the system admin I receive all email notifications for my assigned dept. so I assumed all agents did also.

Please point me in the right direction for the settings I need to enable to make this possible.



  • The settings for this are located at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts and Notices
  • All are enabled and all sub-settings are selected.
  • Then you have enabled all the notifications that you can.
  • So what would be the next step to find the issue?
  • Huh? What issue? 
    You said "email notifications for any type of ticket activity are NOT being sent to all Dept."
    You also said "I would like this to be the default behavior."
    It sounds to me like it's doing exactly what you want it to do.
    Or do you mean the opposite?
    You might want to tell us what version of osTicket you are running, and which of the various alerts you actually want the system to send.
  • Either I worded my OP wrong or you are misunderstanding what I want. I want auto notifications to be sent to all agents in the department for any and all ticket activity. This is not happening currently.
  • Version of osTicket you're running?

    Sending an alert to all department members for every Alert and Notice is not an option for most of them. I'm pretty sure the New Ticket and Overdue Ticket are the only ones that have that as an option (but that's from memory with out looking).

    We get around that limitation by using an admin account setting it as the department manager, and having that admin accounts email address a distribution list.
  • osTicket Version
    v1.9.12 (19292ad)
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