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Reset Ticket ID

hey guys,

i have one question:

We are currently testing the ticket system and are also very happy with it, everything works fine.

Now we want to change in the productive operation and I want to delete all the "Test tickets", which works fine.
Once now but arrives a new ticket, he still remembers the ticket ID, this is further incremented.
Where can I reset the ticket ID?

Does somebody has any idea?
We use
osTicket (v1.8.0.3).

We have attached a screenshot of the database structure.

Thanks to all.


  • edited April 2016
    No screen shot attached. is ancient.  I'm not sure why you would setup and use such an old version.

    You would do this at the SQL level.  After you drop (or delete in isticket) all the test tickets you made. Open a MySQL command line and connect to your database. 

    alter table ost_ticket auto_increment=1;

    note: I would really recommend using osTicket's UI to delete the existing tickets.
  • First of all, thanks for your reply, i will check this.

    This reason why we have this version is, that we tested all things with this version and everything is working fine, so i don´t know if everything is working with a newer version ;-)

    Enclosed there is the attachemend.

    Thanks to all.

  • Just so you know support for 1.8 is propbably going to end once 1.10 is released.
  • thanks for the info, so maybe you´re right and i will update before i go live. ;-)

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