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Process Suggestion- Plugin Submission

It has been a little while since I have been on here but I have a suggestion:

As OSTicket continues to progress (love some of the next features in 1.10rc2) I'd love to see a process to be put in place where plugins and addons can be added to the main download list. Obviously there would need to be some sort of approval process. It would be great if those who have created plugins could gain a wider adoption and perhaps as time progresses those plugins which are most popular might even get pulled into OSTicket core...


  • Just do a pull request at the pluigin repo on github.
  • I had though about that but I was thinking there might be some sort of application process or initial approval prior to a non-core team member submitting a pull request. I will certain start with the pull req on git though.
  • I think that once there is a better plugin documentation and architecture that there will be a process... but until then. GitHub all the things!  :)
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