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Ticket Ids

Is it possible for ticket id's to be auto increment or keeping a specific pattern?

moderator note: this does not appear to be a suggestion of feedback, moving to setup and installation. [ntozier]


  • ticket_id's are auto incremented.  Each new ticket increases the value by 1.

    Do you perhaps mean 'ticket' number?
    If so that answer to that depends on the version of osTicket that you are running.

  • Hello , thank you for your reply, I mean 'ticket number' the number which is applied on each ticket as reference. for example "Ticket #981548". The version of osTicket i use is 1.9.12
  • Ok i found the way ... 
    for anyone is looking the same feature you can find at :
    (admin settings) -> Settings -> Tickets -> Default Ticket Number Sequence (change to) = General Tickets and apply any sequence you like!

  • That is correct. :)
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