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Marry Website E-mails to OsTicket System

My Website "Contact us " page sends E-mails out with the following  " Must Have's ",
  • Full Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number

Is there a way of integrating this information into the receiving  " Ticket " ?

Currently this information is lost with a OsTicket subject line " Website Inquiry from MyWebsite "

The e mail at least can be found below and the owner can be changed But the other information is lost . . .



  • So you are using a custom form to send an email... and then osTicket is collecting the email and making it a ticket?

    While that does work (and quite well) if the person hasn't opened a ticket previously (and setup an account with name, email, phone) it cannot get the those pieces of information (well phone at least) from the generated email from your script.

    You would want to make your custom form use the Ticket API to open the ticket in osTicket directly instead which you would be able to put that information.  This article is a little dated but still works (I checked it last week)
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