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On Hold / Waiting Customer / Waiting Staff

Can extra ticket statuses be added so that rather than simply Open/Closed/Resolved we can place a ticket on hold / Awaiting customer / Awaiting Staff?


  • You can create as many of your own ticket statuses as you desire.

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses
  • Cool thanks!

    But what about stopping the SLA on certain statuses?
  • Statuses do not have SLA settings.
    Help Topics do.  Departments do.

  • So ive got to move a ticket out of its topic into a new topic just to put it on hold :-/
  • No.  You would change the status to "on hold".

    What I think your asking is how to change the SLA of a ticket.  SLA is distinct and different from the status. You can one of the following to change the SLA:
    • edit the ticket and change the SLA of the ticket
    • edit the ticket and change the Help Topic (assuming you know what help topic has what SLA)
    • transfer the ticket to an "on hold" department, which has an SLA of none.
  • How can I set an SLA for a department that has no time? I can't leave the grace period setting empty in the SLA.
  • Interesting.  I guess you can only choose - None - at Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Default SLA.
    So you would set the system default to - None -.
    Then add the SLA you want ticket to have at the Department, Ticket Filter, or Help Topic level.
    I never noticed that you couldn't do it both ways before.
  • ntozier,

    Thanks for the above information.

    My agents have asked for the ability to have a NULL SLA, like Tom's need, I tried to create an SLA with 0 (zero) in the "Grace Period" field, thinking that would work.  But osTicket won't allow for a zero or no grace period setting.

    I'd prefer to not set the system default to Null because if an agent misses an email when a ticket is opened by a client, it would be nice to have the reminder email be sent 24 or 48 hours later when no action has been taken. 

    When the agent does login, he or she can set the SLA to Null to stop further emails.  This would be a nice feature request.  Meanwhile I will set the new zero SLA to some long period of time, like a year.  Maybe by then a new version of osTicket will support zero hours.

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