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Creating a new SLA, Grace Period field won't accept 0 for a null choice

My agents have asked for the ability to have a NULL SLA.  I tried to create an SLA with 0 (zero) in the "Grace Period" field, thinking that would work.  But osTicket won't allow for a zero or no grace period setting.

I'd prefer to not set the system default to Null because if an agent misses an email when a ticket is opened by a client, it would be nice to have the reminder email be sent 24 or 48 hours later when no action has been taken. 

When the agent does login, he or she can change the SLA to Null to stop further emails.  This would be a nice feature request.  Meanwhile I will set my new zero SLA to some long period of time, like a year so it doesn't show up in the Overdue list and set it to not send emails.  Maybe by then a new version of osTicket will support zero Grace Period hours.



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