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Handling of inbound Outlook emails containing another mail as attachment

Outlook (unfortunately) allows to forward a email as an attachent to new email.
Personally I hate this feature but emails coming from Clients sometimes have this, and it has to be dealt with.

For inbound emails with such attachment, osTicket behaves quite well by moving the text of the attached mail below the text of the main mail.
However there a a few concerns:
  1. the text of the attached mail does not show the sender/date info of that initial mail
  2. if the attached mail contains an attached mail, none of the attachments are imported.
I would suggest that for the case 2 (or perhaps ALL cases), osTicket just saves the attached mail as a .msg file. This would save as well any attachment/subattachment in the attached mail and solve the problems at least for those who have Outlook installed.
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