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SAML login


Has anybody tried to use SAML to authenticate their users? We use Office 365 to login to nearly all of our online apps but I'm struggling to find a way to do this for OS Ticket.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


  • Sorry but I've never even heard of SAML.  The available plugins are at:
  • Thanks for the reply. I have checked out the plugins, we currently use the LDAP plugin. However we want to come away from relying on our local server and move as much as we can to cloud based services. As most applications now authenticate using Office 365 / Azure AD, we thought it would be the best solution (and because all of our emails are through Office 365)

    Here's some more information on SAML:

    After looking into it some more I found that Office 365 can also use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate apps, so I may be able to use the OAuth plugin.
  • I'm a SAML expert and I'm able to implement a SAML plugin for OsTicket.
    If you are interested contact me.

    P.S I plan to implement a SAML plugin soon and sell it in my marketplace.
  • edited November 2017
    I emailed the author of this code a few months back: and he said: 

    "This plugin was written for the company I'm currently employed at. Feel free to use it, it should be working fine as is. We've been using it in production connected to Google IDP for half a year with no issues. The only known limit with the plugin is that it's not currently able to create user upon initial authentication, nor map roles from groups."
    I looked at this code also as it might be something which would mean we wouldn't need to create users :

    I think the author posts here occasionally ?  However, I wasn't able to make this work for my environment so didn't pursue it any further.

    I'd be very interested in a SAML Auth plugin also, however, I have an extra overhead in that the department running SAML here requires applications support "Single Sign Out" in addition to "Single Sign On" which has stopped me from using SAML in another system. 
  • I plan to implement a SAML plugin that will support SSO, SLO and Just-in-time provisioning.
  • Just here to express interest in a SAML plugin too.  That'd be great!  Modern SSO support is critical for people using cloud Identity as a Service.
  • I'd like to see a SSO SAML plugin for our OSticket server.  The DokuWiki SSO SAML plugin should be very similar regarding authentication within a php enviornment if anyone is looking for a coding comparison.
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