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I need create variable for e-mail

Hi people !!

This is my first post and my english is so bad :P but i need your help.

in my project with osTicket started using it internally. The problem now that I have is that I would like to put in the mail notification who created the ticket. In this case we use agents and manually create the ticket, I saw that the system posted (in the ticket ) who created it but to send that information by mail i need to create a variable. (no?)

Could you help me?


  • Version of osTicket?
    You would have to play with variables in the email template(s).
    I do not think that 'ticket opened by' is a data point though.
    This may help you:
  • Hi ntozier,

    The data of the 'ticket open by' is important only for emaill, i know may be is not escencial but you have the data for example, wen you create a ticket one of the first post is the data, other is how many tickets open the agent.

    The link is broken u can re send me the link ?

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