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change authentication type.

Hi guys...

someone knows if is possible change the authentication type?

i mean, I registered manually a user, with local client authentication.

now I want this user use LDAP authentication because now he have a user into DC.

is this possible? or what I have to do to change the Authentication type.


  • install, configure, and enable the LDAP plugin?
  • The LDAP plugin is running, some clients use it to login to system, my problem here is a registered user login with a local password, but now I want this user use his windows password (LDAP) to login.

    how I change the option.
  • I'm not of the opinion that there is anything to change.  If you enabled ldap for users then it just works.  We ran osTicket for years prior to the creation of the LDAP plugin and didn't have to do anything special to get them to use AD.
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