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department ticket overview


I'm trying to create a department view, I can only get it when I use advanced search, select a department, click search and then click view.

I want to link to this page specifically from an internal system, but when I get there via advanced search, the id in the url is a session- or cookieid.
Recreating the link with that id works for me but gives other users an overview with all tickets.

All users can see all tickets, even if the ticket is assigned to a specific department, people from other departments can still view it.

I don't want to have to assign specific rights to users so they can or can't see certain tickets, I only want a view where any user can view all tickets assigned to a specific department (even if the user is not in that department).

Is there a way to do this?


  • This does not appear to be "Suggestions and Feedback" and appears to be a request on how to do something.  I am moving the thread to Mods and Customizations. This is not currently a feature in osTicket and the only way that you can achieve this is to modify the source. 

    That being said there is a feature that is supposed to be coming called "Custom Queues".  It will not be in 1.10, and no I do not know when it will be available.
  • Sorry I didn't choose a correct category.

    I was thinking to recreate the session- or cookie-id, basically disect the information and recreate it at the moment I need it.
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