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Definitive Walkthrough: How to integrate osTicket in to Wordpress



  • hi,

    i'm thinking of using OSticket in my wordpress site. It's a community website for my apartment where I live in. So we're going to have registered users and want to use OSticket.

    Does the integration also mean that OSticket will use the same wordpress registered users?

    Please advise. many thanks
  • I had just replied to your question on my site.
    pismobook;43033 said:

    i'm thinking of using OSticket in my wordpress site. It's a community website for my apartment where I live in. So we're going to have registered users and want to use OSticket.

    Does the integration also mean that OSticket will use the same wordpress registered users?

    Please advise. many thanks
  • File

    Hi there - could you please tell us where we can get the folder mentioned above so we can resume from step 5?

  • If you are talking about Wordpress folder, then that is the root folder of your installation. If you talking about support folder, that is something you have to create and add all OSTicket files there.
    oryxi;43369 said:
    Hi there - could you please tell us where we can get the folder mentioned above so we can resume from step 5?

  • Luciel;33946 said:
    [CENTER]Help, I´m Lazy!:
    Don´t worry! Luciel´s got your lazy back :P[/CENTER]

    Because I knew this would happen, I´ve compiled a compressed file that contains the support folder with all the edits already done to it, so all you need to do is follow "Step 5" and you´re done!

    However there are some requisites to the use of this package (to make sure you don´t screw up your own installation if you already have osTicket installed) which you can find further down in this post (Question number 5).

    You can download the file from here.

    File not found!!!!: Yes I know the link doesn´t work, I´ve decided to do a proper package that includes everything you need, so please bare with me for a day while I get it ready : )

    [CENTER]Frequently Asked Questions:[/CENTER]

    • It doesn´t display correctly (header/footer overlap the osTickets interface, it isn´t centered, other stuff)!!!!
    Assuming you´ve done all the edits correctly, this is due to the CSS files within OST conflicting to the design of the theme of your choosing in Wordpress, and the only way around it is modifying /support/styles/main.css (DO NOT MODIFY ANY OTHER FILES WITHIN OST OR WP), however I cannot help you with this as every theme will be different. However, it should work ok with the most famous and stable themes on wordpress (for test purposes I only tried the three wordpress official themes, i.e. twentyten, twentyeleven & twentytwelve work just fine and/or require very little index.php and/or main.css editing to look perfect).
    • It displays fine but how can I edit the osTicket look so it matches the design of my theme/website?
    For text content, box size and similar you will have to edit /support/index.php
    For colors, text size and other stuff, you will have to edit both main.css and colors.css that are located in /support/styles.
    • Can you help me editing the files from the previous question?
    No, sorry, I´m sure there are plenty of threads here about editing the look and feel of osTickets.
    • Where are my widgets!?
    Unfortunately while it may be possible through more modifications (and I´m pretty sure it is! I may look in to this in the short future if there´s enough demand), the wordpress page containing the osTickets system will not contain widgets, but don´t worry, widgets will display just fine in the rest of your wordpress website.
    • Can I use the "pre-made" packaged file you supplied if I already have an installtion of osTicket?
    Assuming you haven´t edited any files (settings don´t matter as those are saved in the database) then sure, however, DO NOT upload the file ost-config.php within /support/include as it will mess up your install and remember that you still have to follow the instructions within "Step 5".
    • Help, I cannot create a new ticket, it´s as if I hadn´t filled all the fields and/or got the captcha wrong!!
    The edits in Step 4 include fixes for these errors, if you´re still getting them you must´ve done them wrong, double check!
    • On permalinks, I don´t want to use "Day and Name", but when I set it on another type, and go to the support page, nothing is there!?
    This is because "Day and Name" will set the address of a page as the name of the page. However, what you can do is set permalinks to whatever option suits you, then go to pages, edit the support page and below the name, manually change the permalink to support and that should do the trick.
    • Is there a wordpress plugin that somehow integrates osTickets in to Wordpress so I can do all the admin, settings and so on from the Wordpress Dashboard and not have to go through this long, annoying guide?
    Yes, it´s called Zingiri Tickets, however, there´s certain drawbacks; It´s limited in settings, doesn´t always work, has an open ticket limit of 15 I believe (unless you pay for it) and depends on their servers (the plugin keeps settings within their servers which means if their servers go down, the plugin will cease to work, aside from the obvious fact that you depend on them, do you really want your stuff in third-party servers? On a side note, I personally encountered e-mail piping issues that only happened with their plugin but to be fair I´m sure it´s to do with the latest Wordpress 3.5, as I used the same plugin last year and I didn´t have that issue.
    • Can I integrate the osTickets users database within the wordpress users database (so there´s no seperate logins and whatnot) and other similar integrations?
    Judging by the previous question it´s obviously possible, but I´m sure it requires a ton of work and I don´t find the need to look in to it.
    • I don´t know how to use FTP/Wordpress/Configure osTickets Settings/Configure E-Mail Piping/Make a Sandwich/Mix Mentos & Cola/Drive a Car!!!!!!!
    For FTP & Wordpress I posted all the links you need in the Requirements section on the first post of this thread, so please reffer to those, if you have further questions, please post them in the respective forums, or google them. I tried to make this guide as simply as possible, explaining every single step of the way with screenshots and as many details as possible. For the sandwich, seriously!? (Although I´ve always wondered why it´s called a Which made out of Sand), for driving a car, save up and go to driving school (it´s quite expensive!).
    • I get server errors!
    If you´ve followed the guide down to the letter and read everything, then it´s 95% sure that your server/hosting either doesn´t meet the requirements or has some security measures in place/capped features that prevent you from using any/all of the scripts. For that you will have to contact your hosting supplier. 4% is that you´re lying and you did not read the whole thing down to the letter (tut tut!) and the remaining 1% is that I made a mistake (I´m human too even if I did test all of this a lot of times and even redid it as I was writing the guide just to make sure I wasn´t missing anything) in which case a lot of you would have issues and I´m sure we can figure it out.
    • I see the files you mention to open but none of them end in ".php"!
    That´s fine, it simply means that you don´t have the "view file extensions" option ticked on windows, it won´t affect anything, so don´t worry about it (again, just make sure you open all of them with notepad++, I really can´t stress this enough).
    • But Luciel, I´ve already assigned the support name to another page in my wordpress install, are you sure it HAS to be named support?
    It doesn´t absolutely have to be named support, I merely did it that way so as to not create confusion. In order to name it something else, say for example "tickets" (remember this is the permalink name under title that´s important, not the title of the page itself) you would have to reffer to step two:

    See where it says "/support/"? Just change the word support for, in this example "tickets" so it would look like:

    if (!strpos($_SERVER[\"SCRIPT_FILENAME\"], \"/scp/\")) {
    • What versions of osTicket & Wordpress did you use?
    I used osTicket 1.60ST & Wordpress 3.5 (It also works fine on 3.5.1).
    • Will it work on future versions of Wordpress?
    The short answer is, No idea, but I will know as I use this process to integrate OST in to WP for production websites so they´ll know soon enough something´s wrong when they update, I´ll try to fix it and ammend this guide accordingly.
    • Will it work in 2015 when osTickets 1.7 comes out?
    If we´re still alive by the time 1.7 comes out (hehehe) I´ll most definately see what changes need doing in order to integrate 1.7 in to whatever version of wordpress is around by then (if I or anyone else hasn´t by then, made a plugin to fully integrate OST in to WP).
    • Could this work for Joomla/Drupal/Nuke/Other CMSs?
    Because all of the edits are within OST, maybe. Assuming the permalink system is there (i.e. a new section on the other CMS would also be and the footer and header calls are the same (if not, just swap them on the osTicket & edits for their equivalents), the nav menu of such CMS is on the header or footer, then should be ok. If there are side columns and you must absolutely need them in the /support page (i.e. for navigation or whatever) then more extensive edits would be required. I may look in to this in the future, but I doubt it since I do not use those CMSs.

    [CENTER]Did my many hours of work help you do yours in minutes?
    ...if so, why not show your apreciation with a donation?
    Any amount helps!

    The note re: "file not found".... did you ever update the post with the working link? I'm still getting the same message.

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